Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord

Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty Lord,
With shield of faith and Spirit’s sword.
Forth to the battle may they go
And boldly fight against the foe.

With banner of the cross unfurled,
They overcome the evil world
And so at last receive from Thee
The palm and crown of victory.

Come, ever blessèd Spirit, come
And make Thy servants’ heart Thy home.
May each a living temple be
Hallowed forever, Lord, to Thee.

Enrich that temple’s holy shrine
With sevenfold gifts of grace divine;
With wisdom, light, and knowledge bless,
With counsel, strength, and godliness.

O Trinity in Unity,
One only God in Persons Three,
In Whom, through Whom, by Whom, we live,
To Thee we praise and glory give.

Oh, grant us so to use Thy grace
That we may see Thy glorious face
And ever with the heavenly host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!