Around the Throne of God

Around the throne of God
The host angelic throngs;
They spread their palms abroad,
And shout perpetual songs:
Him first they own, Him last and best;
God ever blest, and God alone.

Their golden crowns they fling
Before His throne of light,
And strike the rapturous string,
Unceasing, day and night:
“Earth, Heav’n, and sea, Thy praise declare;
For Thine they are, and Thine shall be.

“O holy, holy, Lord,
Creation’s sovereign King!
Thy majesty adored
Let all creation sing;
Who wast, and art, and art to be;
Nor time shall see Thy sway depart.

“Great are Thy works of praise,
O God of boundless might;
All just and true Thy ways,
Thou King of saints, in light:
Let all above, and all below,
Conspire to show Thy power and love.

“Who shall not fear Thee, Lord,
And magnify Thy Name?
Thy judgments, sent abroad,
Thy holiness proclaim:
Nations shall throng from every shore,
And all adore in one loud song.”

While thus the powers on high
Their swelling chorus raise,
Let earth and man reply,
And echo back the praise:
His glory own, first, last and best;
God ever blest, and God alone.